Night monsters!

Posted in Night Raven on May 12, 2009 by amaranththedevil

15c29adf89f0bb4f9af4efa6f5153346Our darkest fears begins inside
Our long lost dreams, tearing outside.
What is the joy, the happiness when you alone
Are standing face to face, when older you, is gone?

Do you feel pain, see blood come out your throught?
Do you feel fear, when all you are is ghost?
Do you keep rain inside and tears washing dry
Do you forget your calling when voices tell you, stay?

Your eyes are shadows in the night
Your fingertips keep calling for a trail of light
But deep inside, a feeling keeps you near
It’s fear, Baby, your lovely smile now disappear!

Instead of crawling, you should rise!
Instead of making love, you should despise
For all your pain will be vanished by that down
And all your sickly pleasure, like life in fire, thrown…


Ride the Lightning!

Posted in Night Raven on August 1, 2008 by amaranththedevil

Marea se-ascunde in mii de culori
Ochii tai imi spun si-acum
Ca n-ai vrea sa mori.
Dar coltii imi cer o jertfa, un sange
Nu ma intorc la cel care-mi plange.

Si soarta si drumuri si porti ferecate
Nimic nu m-ar tine noaptea deoparte.
Nimic n-am sa-ti las, caci sangele tau
E gandul cel trist din cantecul meu.

Si noaptea se lasa incet peste toate
Viata se zbate in vene iar coltii-ti spun soapte
O soarta ce n-are tacere, nici liniste-n ea
Iti macina ziua, caci noaptea-i a mea.

Scapare nu ai caci Amaranth imi e nume
Sa strigi iar nu poti cu sange din vene.
Impietrit vei ramane prada uitarii
Ei vor rade frenetic, la porti bat iar

The Dove

Posted in Night Raven on June 9, 2008 by amaranththedevil

Farewell in mourning you, my Love
Farewell he says, my Dove.

No need to stay, no reason leavin’
But in your eyes, he is still dreaming.
So long, you, world, no longer mine

No fear you should keep inside.
My teeth are sharp, and so are eyes
Cause dawn is what you might despise.

So long, in sorrow, your lovely heart
No tear you should keep inside.
Today I rise, and you’ll stand alone
Today I’m hungry, and you die. I’m Gone.

So if you see
A shaddow in your eyes
Don’t worry! Be surprised!

I’m all your blood desires most
No fear. Silent as a ghost…

Never the same!

Posted in Blood on May 2, 2008 by amaranththedevil

Vad moarte-n ochii celor
Ce inca mai au viata
Si timpul cum se scurge
Prin vene, ca o ata.

Vad colti adanci infipti

In suflete golite
Si sulite adanci
In vremuri implinite.

Vad ceru-ntunecat
Deasupra unui vis
Si zbor de inger destramat
Cand gatul tu ti l-ai deschis…

Vad soare, viata, nemurire si speranta

In orice nu exista si in priviri ce-ngheata…


Posted in Night Raven on April 15, 2008 by amaranththedevil

Vania stia ca setea mea nu va fi potolita usor. Stia si ca cea mai buna licoare e sangele uman, nu al unor vietuitoare condamnate la inferioritate. Stia si ca din urma, ochii mei incepusera sa straluceasca in ganduri necurate, inca nenascute…

Amaranth descoperea setea coltilor. Iar setea il macina, il purta prin lumi in care omul din el, nu traise niciodata puterea unui vis.

Fear. Dont’t fear my love.

You are the sky, and I, above.

Trust. A useful dream.

For those who kindly lost a stream.

Blood. A tasty life.

Not short, but shiny like a knife.

Eternity. An empty world.

Ultimate power, or just a word.

Time. A candle in the wind.

A god who wasn’t so much kind.

Beauty. A solemn hour.

And Godesses with too much power.

Death. No longer mine.

But a nightmare kept inside.

Lust. An empty cript.

Few humans knows, it’s just a script.

Angels. With bloody eyes.

Don’t trust and, be surprised.

Kindness. Humanity is lost.

Desire who they need the most.

Above all, Amaranth

The Devil who will take your breath…

Changin’ lives

Posted in Eternity on March 26, 2008 by amaranththedevil

Amaranth e gata sa renunte la nemurirea lui, in favoarea oricui stie cum poate obtine el, vremelnicia umana…


Posted in Blood on March 19, 2008 by amaranththedevil

For them each night seem endless love
My nights are crawling to some headstone grave.
For them, a dawn is something white
Instead, for me, the dawn means death.

Each century I’ve crawled in night
Each street I’ve walked seemed like a dawning light
A world of humans and just two like us
What can you ask, the Spirit of those fools?

Today the fire rised from grave
A day in light’s no longer pain.
But thirst is asking human blood
And only death may be to you so kind…